About Motozeel

If one is looking for a complete and satisfactory Car Service, then looking here and there is a waste of time. Just log onto the official website on Motozeel and see for yourself that how distinctively our professionals deliver the service. Our aim is to make sure that Car Owners do not worry about any category of service being offered. In terms of “Quality”and “Reliability,” Motozeel believe in not being a fiddle and instead bank on the complete satisfaction of the clients.

Moreover, the service being offered is not just accessible but reasonable too.

Motozeel Facility


We have options for all brand vehicles to make the process of repairing an easy one for you.


As we think of your budget so, the price range you get at our place can’t be matched with any other place.


No need to take your vehicle to the service centre and bring it back after servicing as we are here to do it.

The Only Way is Together

See a problem. Come up with the solution. If only it was that simple.

At Motozeel, we have always tried to solve real world transportation problems. But even from the very beginning, we realised just finding the solution is not enough. To actually bring them to life, requires more.

Sure, we have the technology. But we still need to bring passengers and drivers together. We need to work with communities and governments. And we need to learn from the diverse peoples and cultures of South east Asia.

And the only way we can do all that, is together with you.